All You Need to Know About Fantastic Juice Mixed Series

Fantastic Mixed Series gives you extra fun with each flavour is produced through the mixing of two or more fruit. The sensational flavours were created and are definitely going to please your mouth in a way you cannot describe. Hustle King, Juice Lord and Mojito Lemonade are the three magical flavours that will surely make you wonder how in the world these great flavours were created.

Hustlin King, the flavour created by the mixing of Wild Berries.The fresh juice extracted from the  wonderful mixed berries is something that will lift up your mood! The mix of berries in all combination for your enjoyment!  With various berry flavours, Hustlin King will satisfy your cravings, especially berries lover!

Juice Lord, a splashy flavour of delightful blackcurrant and lychee. The sweet earthy taste of blackcurrant unlike other berries combined with the perfect summer fruit, lychee produced passion-fruit flavour-aromas. Balanced blackcurrant’s acidity and sweetness pairs perfectly with  the light, floral taste of lychee. Taste the yummy goodness of this combination and the sweet delicious flavour is surely worth trying.

Just when you thought lemon gives you the best sour taste, there is mojito lemonade flavour called Puff Master. Mojito is made from the combination of white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water and mint taste which makes it one of the most unique flavours on earth. The combination of sweetness, citrus, and refreshing mint flavors of mojito and the souness of lemonade extracted from fresh lemon.